Sony Xperia Ear XEA10 Review: Designed by Yusuke Otani

​In time to prevent a serious case of human devolution, Sony has offered up a solution to this distraction crisis. The Sony Xperia Ear is a simple earpiece that slips into your lug hole, similar to many Bluetooth hands-free headsets. However, the Ear offers up greater control than your typical Bluetooth headset, to try and minimize the number of times you need to pull your phone from your pocket or bag. Realizing this you will probably start shaking you head and jumping up and down to see how easily it falls out and well, it does not.

Otani-san has spent more than a decade at Sony HQ in Tokyo working on everything from tablets to TVs, and, as you might expect, headphones. The most important aspect of this product is a comfortable fit.

The Xperia Ear is a dinky-yet-chubby device that sits snuggly in your ear hole, thanks to the rubber bud that fits inside the opening and a second rubber grip that holds it in place. Two types of earpiece are also provided an open type and a sealed type so that the user can choose according to their preference. There’s no awkward wrap-around section and it's ridiculously light too. That means the Ear is pleasingly comfortable to wear for a few hours each day.

Sony Xperia Ear XEA10 based the design on 3D data of a standard ear size, and afterwards carried out numerous wear tests within the company. Holding the case in one hand and taking the Xperia Ear in the other this flow was the key.

Xperia Ear is designed to feel as great as it looks. With a super-comfortable ear-fit and a sleek, stylish look you won’t think twice about wearing it all day.

Your Xperia Ear is easy to talk to it listens and reacts, just like in a normal conversation. Ask it to perform a task or give you some information and it will deliver what you need, straight into your ear. How it provides information when you put it in your ear. I think that is very smart.

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