LG brings Super UHD 4K Smart LED TV with Dolby Vision HDR

​All LG Super UHD TVs feature HDR Super, which includes premium Dolby Vision™ in addition to industry-standard HDR10 together in one TV.

LG SUPER UHD TVs with Dolby Vision optimize HDR content to render images that achieve natural contrast and vivid color. As a result, this “Dynamic Metadata” can optimize the bright and dark areas of each frame allowing the TV to achieve overall improved color reproduction for a more realistic picture throughout the duration of the content.

Key Features:
  • Super UHD Delivering LG’s Best 4K LED Experience
  • HDR Super with Dolby Vision
  • IPS 4K Quantum Display
  • webOS 3.0: The Best Smart TV Just Got Better
  • Richer Color
  • Ultra Luminance

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