How to Make Payment Easily and Safely Using Samsung Gear S3

​With an improved battery life, users can now do even more with the Gear S3, like make a contact less payment.

Samsung Pay has been greatly improved with the Gear S3, as now; both Near Field Communication (NFC) and Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) technology are embedded into the device. This means that anywhere a credit card is accepted, the Gear S3 can be used, too, so users can leave their wallets behind when out for a jog or a coffee break.

Simple & Easy Use:

The Gear S3 offers full Samsung Pay support, including Samsung's exclusive MST technology that lets you pay at traditional swiping card readers. Just as importantly, Samsung has expanded Pay to work with non-Samsung phones as well all you have to do is install the proper add-on to the Gear app on your Android 4.4+ phone, and you'll be able to add your credit and debit cards. Now they won't be able to be used anywhere but the watch, but that's fine; it still gives people a little taste of what Samsung Pay is like, and is great to see included. Samsung could have easily kept this exclusive to its own phones.

Samsung Pay takes a few minutes to get set up, but once you have it configured things are simple. Long-press the "back" button on your watch, rotate the bezel to choose between your cards, then tap "Pay" and hold the watch near the payment terminal. The watch doesn't have to be connected to a network or Bluetooth to make a payment, but instead has a limited number of one-time payment tokens securely stored on the watch and must sync back up to your phone periodically to refresh them. The Gear S3 also requires that you have a PIN lock in order to use Samsung Pay as soon as the watch comes off your wrist, you'll have to enter the PIN again.


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